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Sunday Market Vendors

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Archana Textiles Cooperative

Contact: Marian Munro
Phone: (902) 719-8389
Address: Halifax, NS

Products: Textiles and crafts from the Himalayan nations of Nepal, Bhutan, Kashmir & Pakistan. Artful and colourful articles are traditionally made by families not factories: Scarves, tops, wall decor, etc.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Barksworthy - Proper Canine Treats

Contact: Georgina Smith
Facebook: Barksworthy
Instagram: @Barksworthy

Products: Selling delicious, homemade dog treats, using only human-grade ingredients.

Bayers Photo

Contact: Joey Bayers
Phone: (902) 889-7521

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Blue Apples Natural Products

Contact: Daniel Wiseman
Phone: (902) 444-8274
Address: 6066 Quinpool Rd., Halifax NS
Facebook: Blue Apples Natural Products

Products: Herbs, spices, teas, incenses & natural products.

Blue Bird Kitchen

Contact: Omaima
Phone: (902) 405-2232
Address: Beechville, NS

Products: Egyptian and Middle East Food

Clare's Crafts

Contact: Clare
Phone: (902) 681-7520
Address: New Minas, NS

Products: Headstone saddles, wreaths, grave arrangements, centre pieces. Vacuum cleaner covers and much more. Good prices. Colours in abundance.


Eastern Door Art & Crafts

Contact: Sandy Fowler
(902) 678-4976
Address: Kentville, NS

Products: Stone, bone, shell, antler carving, alder painting, tile painting, wood burn designs on wooden utensils.


Fairy Girls Crafts

Phone: (902) 304-7963

Products: Fairy themed garden accessories, watercolour paintings, Fairy lights (made to order), Wreaths...
Fairy Wands, Fairy Dust & Fairy Babies..... Everything Fairy Themed


Granma Whitman's Alternative Cakes & Crafts

Contact: Lisa Whitman or Roger Whitman
(902) 880-5911
Address: Sheet Harbour, NS
Facebook: Granma Whitman's

Products: Diaper Cakes, facecolth cakes, dishcloth & dishtowel cakes, towel cakes, cupcakes & other crafts.

Henry's Original Paintings

Contact: Henry Tian
(902) 412-9100
Address: Halifax, NS
YouTube: DecompressArt

Products: Original paintings by artist Henry Tian in oil, acrylic, and watercolour (originals only, no prints). Great selection of sizes and subject matters. Henry is a self-taught artist and a physiotherapist based in Halifax. Henry hopes to revive the tradition of beauty and excellence from the old masters while infusing contemporary aesthetics into his work. He paints in the genre of classical realism and impressionism. Henry will have his portable easel set up to demonstrate and share his knowledge and techniques for anyone interested.


Honest John's Woodworking

Contact: John Robideaux
(902) 435-3078

Products: Wood joinery, carvings, cabinets, picture frames, boxes & signs.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Inspired by Earth

Contact: Jennifer Johnston
(902) 402-1199
Dartmouth, NS
Facebook: InspiredByEarthSkinCare

Products: Natural lip and skincare

Hunter and Or

Contact: Sarah Tracy
Phone: (902) 880-7743

Products: Jewellry & homewares

Isenor Arts

Contact: Ryan & Marshall Isenor
Phone: (902) 292-6746
Address: Elmsdale, NS
Facebook: Isenor Arts

Products: Artwork, paintings, prints

Ja Tak

Contact: Karina Broberg Daugaard
Phone: (902) 817-4143
Facebook: Ja Tak

Products: Baked Goods - Pickled jars - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cookies!

Janet's Jewelry & Things

Contact: Janet Noseworthy
Phone: (902) 469-7184

Products: Jewelry & Crochet

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Lawrencetown Home Bakery

Contact: Natasha & Christa Landriault
Phone: (902) 999-1243
Address: Lawrencetown, NS
Facebook: Lawrencetown Home Bakery

Products: Ckaes, Squares, Loafs, Pastries.

Lisa Whitman - Independent Epicure Consultant

Contact: Lisa & Roger Whitman
Phone: (902) 880-5911
Address: Sheet Harbour, NS
Facebook: Lisa Whitman - Epicure

Products: Herbs, Spices, Dips, cookware.

MRW Enterprise

Contact:Margaret R. Wells
Phone: (902) 210-3900
Address: Dartmouth, NS

Products: Maggie's Creations - Sewing goods (i.e) Baby towels, clothes, bags. Eco Essentials - Reuseable bags, bags savers, fabric savers. Pet's Play - Pet toys, pet scarves, haloween costumes for pets. Newfie Knitters - Knitting and crocheted goods. Posh - All unique items made from velvet fabric. Devine Design - Memorabilia for keepsakes for departed loved ones.

OX Leathers

Contact: Binoj Daivasahayam (Ben Davis)
Phone: (902) 809-2664
Address: Bedford, NS
Facebook: Ox Leathers

Products: Leather accessories, men's wallets, messenger bags, ladies wallets, jewellery boxes and other 100% genuine leather handcrafted products.

Prized Co

Contact: Mohammad Fatima
Phone: (902) 448-9061
Address: Dartmouth, NS

Products: Handmade Iranian crafts. Saffron, Burberry, Jam, Juice & Syrup.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Soap In Your Mouth

Contact: Colleen Dingle
Phone: (902) 497-6233
Facebook: Soap In Your Mouth
Twitter: @soapinyourmouth

Products: Handcrafted, gourmet soap and body products. We are firm believers in sustainability. We source the base to many of our soaps from a local farm. This is a product the farm would normally throw away. We have a permit to gather seaweed which we incorporate into some of our selected products as well.

Steve Townsend - Artist

Address: Dartmouth, NS
Phone: (902) 266-9997

Products: Folkart, Abstracts & Photographs
Custom orders gladly taken.

Surfing Mermaid Art

Contact: Kathy Keays
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
Phone: (902) 880-6285
Facebook: Surfing Mermaid Art
Etsy: SurfingMermaidArt

Products: Needle felted painitings, photographs & felt ornaments.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

Photo - Alderney Landin's Farmers Market.

YOUnique Boutique

Contact: Lorri Stockley
Phone: (902) 401-8162
Facebook: YOUnique Boutique

Products: Hair bows, korker bows, flower clips, nylon headbands, crochet hats, crochet headbands, hair clip holders and more.

Farmers' Market Hours

Saturday 8am - 1pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm
Wednesday 3pm - 7pm

Saturday Entertainment
10am to 1pm

Contact Lisa on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at (902) 461 - 4698 to reserve
your table today!

Maritime hospitality and opportunity abounds from all our permanent retail vendors.

Market Photo Gallery

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