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Signs of Life
Images Formed from Clay & Words
Dr. Gerri Frager

March 4 - May 3, 2020



Hand-built porcelain vessel, underglaze, glazed △6, 2 piece composite

17H x 8D




long a doctor
lately, I am a potter too

You remind me of a particular
type of clay
* so fine
* so delicate
* so very strong

I see life slipping across the 
surface of your bones
stretching at your every corner
baring the deeper sense 
of all that you are

like the true musical note
when porcelain speaks
I watch your soul sounding for joy
within quiet, dark pools

I can see how
the great love of your family
has woven great strength through the small
space that has become your body
and marvel at the warm ribbons of light
that still yet manage to dance at your ragged edges

I applaud your spirit
that transcends this harsh physical world
I can see how life fills you up
overflowing the boundaries of 
the vessel that 
grounds you to this earth

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