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Signs of Life
Images Formed from Clay & Words
Dr. Gerri Frager

March 4 - May 3, 2020



Hand-built stoneware & porcelain, underglazes, various glazes, △6 for electric-fired pieces, heart raku-fired, 5 piece composite

30L x 20W x 51H




A winged Apollo flies 
suspended from stars 
a full universe away
and yet, remains
as custodian
of this place of the dead,
a guardian hovering above
those who learn here.

Apollo, God of the Sun,
light and truth,
music and medicine,
poetry and prophecy,
as silent witness
to this transfer
of sacred knowledge
deeper than skin,
exposing bone and beyond,
a great gift to the living
from one
who lies life-less.

Encircled by gratitude,
due and dealt respect
even though exposed
on cold, white marble,
is wondrously able to touch
who in death
makes an impact 
on lives still unfolding,
whose legacy teaches the living
how to help and
hope to heal

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