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Signs of Life
Images Formed from Clay & Words
Dr. Gerri Frager

March 4 - May 3, 2020



Hand-built stoneware sculpture, underglaze, glaze △6

11.5L x 6.5W x 10H




her small body lay
swaddled in layers of past hopes
wrapped in promises held tight
over many years
now waning with the day’s light

No breath of her own
and yet
every fibre
breathed her name
whispering their wishes
over and over again

Barely able to watch
We stand without words
as silent witness to
this tragedy

Even though stillborn
She was

and so we join
those who waited
so long for her
we note her beauty
and speak of her perfect body

We join
those who waited
so very long to love her
to hold her wholly
filled with joy and magic

Now, together, we join
to hear them
their long goodbye

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