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Signs of Life
Images Formed from Clay & Words
Dr. Gerri Frager

March 4 - May 3, 2020



Hand-built slab stoneware platter, coloured stoneware inlays, underglazes, glaze △6

47L x 27 x 6.5H

- - - SOLD - - -



skilled with
water and
the ways of people

I wish you
your wrongs righted
your lost arrowheads returned
to you
solid & soothing in your palm
whispering their ancient history
a comforting review of a solid past

I wish you could be
crafted back to an enduring smoothness
like the rocks in the river
you love so well

To have the hard edges of pain
cleanly carved away
One sharp blade through cedar
exposing a heart of good and golden wood

If not, then
I wish for you, the gift
of a portage
a clean divide from one thing
to another
Let the turbulent waters 
find their own home

Leave behind the
well-tilled soil
Let wind and time
weather the swaying grasses
to an indiscernible powder

Travel sure and safe
Bringing only what nourishes
your heart and soul

Move on to
where fresh waters are ready
to cradle and carry you
forward in celebration of
a new beginning

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