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Signs of Life
Images Formed from Clay & Words
Dr. Gerri Frager

March 4 - May 3, 2020



Hand-built slab low-fire clay platter, coloured slip, underglazes, glazed △04


Not For Sale

Musical score written by Gidon Fineman for accompanying poem


Where are you headed now? 
What lies ahead?
as you beat wing with breath
your loud, clear call
alerts this sleeping world of man
to the passage of time

What do you most hope for?
Wherein lies your dream?
as you soar over land 
your bird’s eye view takes in
both the intimately familiar and 
the wholly unknown

We are all migratory
some search and yearn
Others are carried by the winds
merely floating by as if on sea 
of continuous stretch of seaweed

I reach to grasp a tether 
ribbon trailing from your connection
with the heavens
and wish along with you
for all that lies ahead

Gallery Hours

Sunday - 11am - 3pm
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday
- 12noon to 5:30pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
*Gallery hours are subject to change*

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