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Current & Upcoming Exhibits/Events

Stratch and Sniff
Emily Lawrence

Main Gallery

September 12 - October 7, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 12, 7pm - 9pm


Scratch & Sniff Menu is a translation of the food related memories generously shared during interviews by people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The foods recalled during these interviews were recreated, photographed, and printed using scratch and sniff technology as a means to explore the power of olfactory promoting as a means of memory retrieval.

Emily Lawrence is an interdisciplinary artist and facilitator based in Dartmouth, NS. Emily is a graduate of NSCAD University, and is currently the artist in residence at the Macphee Centre for Creative Learning.

Much like Jell-O, Lawrence’s work is playful and bright with jiggly elusive boundaries. She uses humour, food, and the five senses as tools for seduction and as conduits to the underlying cultural curiosities that fuel her work. Immersive environments, cleverness, playful design, and obsessive material investigation are the ingredients that keep her creatively full and satiated as an artist. Her practice spills out beyond what is commonly considered to be “the work,” slopping over the brim of any one medium and pooling into the des(s)erted nooks and crannies that surround it. With her interdisciplinary practice, she is like a chef with her fingers dipped lovingly into every pot, diligently tasting each digit for conceptual parallels and unexpected flavour pairings.

You, Me, Them....Us
Barbara Schmeisser

Case Gallery

September 12 - October 7, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 12, 5pm - 7pm

This body of work will be a continuation of a series begun in the summer of 2017. Three plants, the daisy, the red clover, and the marsh marigold were rendered in steel, memorializing familiar plants found in Denmark and Canada. All contribute to each countries’ cultural and natural landscapes and formed part of my work on exhibit in the Roerpost International art exchange exhibition. I am currently expanding the work to include additional steel plant portrayals relevant to the theme of people’s response to plants. be they iconic, common weed, native or transplant.

Mosaic for Mental Health
Canadian Mental Health Association

Main Gallery

October 12 - 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11 - Preview 5pm - 6pm / Sale 6pm - 9pm

Now in its 20th year, the Mosaic for Mental Health Art Exhibition and Sale, our signature fundraiser promotes mental health and supports the resilience, recovery and well-being of people living with mental illness. Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to donate 6” x 6” works of art. The artwork is put on display and sold to raise awareness and support the social programs of CMHA Halifax-Dartmouth Branch.

Opening Night of the 2018 Mosaic for Mental Health takes place on October 11th, 2018 at The Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing. You are invited to enjoy a reception featuring a wide array of art created by artists who care about mental health and mental illness. There will be hundreds of Mosaic Art Tiles on sale for $25. The Mosaic tiles will continue to be on display and sold up until October 28th, 2018, including Nocturne, October 13th, 6 pm – midnight. We will also have silent auction pieces on display during the Exhibition.

Check out our website at for more details. You can also find us on social media @CMHAHalDart or call our office, 902 455-5445.

NOCTURNE 2018 - OCTOBER 13 - 6pm to 12am

Women of 100 Faces
Nostos Collectives

Nostos will dance and project images onto the walls by local emerging artist, Lauren Hebb. Our project is titled, "Faces of 100 Women" This project will show sketches of women’s faces and fictional stories made of them, the dancers of Nostos Collectives will have the challenge of putting and portraying the image, texture and narrative of these photos onto their own body using the contemporary dance vocabulary.
Instagram: @nostoscollectives


That Which We Cannot Own

"That Which We Cannot Own” is an intermedia, sensorial environment. Once inside it asks, ‘will you relinquish the passive role? Become an active participant?’ Artists Dayna Danger (MTL), Gambletron (MTL), and Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis (TOR) with a small team of performers, weave a multi room landscape. Their canvas is sound, movement, light, sculpture, words, physicality, airwaves, and image. This activation of space and time on Mi'kmaq Territory, Turtle Island, will build and reveal a communal goal. Through abstract means together we examine…. what cannot be claimed as property. If of Settler heritage, what are the gifts of surrendering ownership? How we can acquiesce? How do we uphold Indigenous sovereignty throughout? Visit this exhibit anytime 6pm to Midnight with ‘happenings’ occurring at
6:45pm/ 8:00pm/ 9:15pm/ 10:50pm

Calgary Days
Hélène Blanchet

Main Gallery

October 21 - November 25, 2018
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 31, 5pm - 7pm

In 2011, textile folk artist Hélène Blanchet and her husband moved from their small cabin in the Highlands of Cape Breton to downtown Calgary in search of work. Upon arrival Hélène immediately began to document their stay in a series of folk art quilts. The people, the sights, the colours of Calgary and the surrounding Prairies are all captured in her signature folk art style. Her cityscapes and buildings are pink. The vast Prairies are depicted in yellow, the forests are green, the mountains are purple. The wild rabbits that scamper throughout the city can also be seen in every quilt. In Calgary, Hélène learned a trade as a professional gardener and her experiences in the gardens are depicted in lush interpretations.

Her exceptional skills in hand-sewing, embroidery and beading feature prominently in every quilt. She pushes her use of colour with confidence and boldness and welcomes the viewer into the vivid and enchanting world of the newly-arrived entering the unexplored. In keeping with the traditional arts, all of her work is hand-made. Hélène is a natural story-teller and each quilt comes with a tale which is brought to life in the minute details that adorn every piece.

This tale is not a new one. The story of Maritimers going to the West for a spell, pining for home, being drawn-in and inspired by what the West has to offer has been done time and again. The show will resonate with both Easterners and Westerners as well as anyone who has ever left (or is thinking of leaving) home to make a bit of money.

This is Hélène’s first solo show.

Departures: The Geary Street Cemetery Interactive Media Tour

Media artist Leola LeBlanc, in collaboration with local youth, created Departures: The Geary Street Cemetery Interactive Media Tour, an interactive on-line map and interactive walking tour of the Geary Street Cemetery that is accessible to youth and the public. The tour and map will be incorporated into curriculum created for Elementary, Junior High and High School students in collaboration with Alderney Landing’s Bluenose Ghosts Festival. (approx. 145 schools will be invited to participate)

The project has created an interactive map and tour filled with creative information relating to the historical significance of the Geary Street Cemetery.

Unfortunately, at this time the platform this tour was created on no longer exists. We are looking into an alternative solution. Thank you for your patience.

For more information on all the exciting Bluenose Ghosts Festival activities click here! Click here to view the Geary St Cemetery coverage on Eastlink TV.

For more information please call
Lee Cripps
Fine Arts Program Director
(902) 461-4698

This project was funded by HRM Residency Initiative and Alderney Landing

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