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Current & Upcoming Exhibits/Events

Castles, Cars and Clowns, A Celebration Of Children’s Art
Marijke Simons Student Art Exhibit

Main Gallery

December 5, 2018 – January 6, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 6, 5pm - 7pm

"Children’s Art is a spacious, large and encompassing term. In the class setting, it is good practice as a teacher to start with the student, recognize their developmental stage, introduce new techniques and always engage their imagination. Primary colours may waltz together to form new colours, shadows can be observed spilling over an object like a waterfall, simple shapes band together into complex structures and illusions of vast space transform thin sheets of paper. It is limitless and in the end, all that is taught in a child’s art class should be at the service of the student’s artistic imagination.

The art works on display come mostly from an 8 week period of art classes held in Dartmouth, at Marijke’s Art Class this fall. This show represents the efforts of 5-14 year old students using various media. Pencils, tempera paint, oil and chalk pastel, watercolour, India ink, markers, plasticine, collage, printmaking and the favourite of the younger crowd, junk art.

There are lessons presented as storytelling or as observation or as games with rules to work within.

The rainbow frame lesson teaches the colour wheel. Primary colours, blue, red and yellow, living on different sides of the picture frame, eventually meet their neighbours, dance together and create an array of secondary colours; yellow greens, blue greens, red and blue purples and brilliant varieties of orange.

The clown drawings are a lesson in illustration. The students use their imagination to interpret a verbal description visually. “Simon Says draw animal shaped slippers for the clown, rabbit slippers would hop and so would kangaroo slippers. Snake slippers might slither and you would go fast with cheetah shoes.”

In observational drawing the student can become a science illustrator, noticing and recording details on a tiny insect. This knowledge then informs the creation of a fantastic insect. Artistic imagination thrives with knowledge.

Marijke’s Art Class has been in operation in Downtown Dartmouth since 1989. Besides running art classes in her studio, the teacher, Marijke Simons, has had a varied career, as an art teacher with the Halifax School Board, as a visiting artist in the schools with various programs, painting murals at John McNeil, Sir Charles Tupper and Harbourview Elementary School and most recently writing and illustrating children’s books."

Zalman Amit

Main Gallery

January 10 - February 3, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 9, 5pm-7pm - wine & cheese

Zalman has created a series of sculptural objects focusing his aesthetic efforts on provocative play between negative space and solid components of sculpture.

“Many years ago, as a kid of sixteen, I spent a summer in an Israeli Kibutz.
This Kibutz had a woodturning shop specializing in the production of tool handles…
Some fifty years later I was able to revisit my love of wood. The past few years led me to an increased concentration in the production of turned objects designed on the basis of “negative Space”. I defined this approach to turning as items in which empty space was a larger factor than space covered by wood.

The current show in The Craig Gallery is a result of this concentration and the vessels included in this exhibition bear witness to my approach and efforts.”

Zalman Amit, hailing from Israel, currently lives on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Having exhibited throughout Canada and currently as an active member of Lunenburg’s Peer Gallery, he brings his work to The Craig Gallery for the second time.

Join us for the reception on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 5pm to welcome him with a wine reception once again. Our receptions are free and open to the public for all to enjoy with live entertainment.

The exhibit continues through Sunday, February 3rd.

Cellular Expressions
Maria Doering

Main Gallery

February 7 - March 3, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 7, 5pm-7pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, February 9th, 2pm, Snow Date, Febraury 16th, 2pm

Inspired by imagery of cells and the body’s interior, I let my imagination run wild in this series of pen and ink works on paper. These pieces have evolved along side several of my other bodies of work where I explore our internal landscape over the last 6 years. Could we accredit to our cells more than just bodily functions? What would personality traits and emotions look like in cellular form. Cellular Expressions started as a direct experimental approach to what I like to think of as imagining the “creative cell.” If human creativity could be seen at cellular levels, what would this inspired microscopic world look like.

Knickknacks & Psychpomps
Frank Forrestall

Main Gallery

March 7 - March 31, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 6, 5pm-7pm

This series of images explores pop-surrealism, blending Jungian archetypes with popculture tropes. With a background in animation and fine art, Forrestall finds a circuitous path through realms which touch on the visions of surrealists and Saturday morning cartoons. Influences Renee Magritte, Leonora Carrington, Ted McKeever, zdzisław beksiński.

Curtis Botham

Main Gallery

April 4 - April 28, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 3, 5pm-7pm

Curtis Botham has returned from a one-year artist residency program in New Glasgow. While there, he created a body of large-scale charcoal artworks dealing with industrial Nova Scotia, particularly the coal, lumber and steel industries in Pictou County. The work alludes to the history of these industries on the province, as well as the effects that they have had on surrounding communities. Transition is another key theme, as some works depict abandoned steel foundries, coal mines on the brink of closing, and empty lots for sale as the result of the depopulation of rural Nova Scotia. The work stands as both a critical examination and a memorial to what was once considered the industrial heart of the Maritimes.

Rag and Bone
Genevieve Killin

Main Gallery

May 2 - 26, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 1, 5pm-7pm

These works in plaster are abstractions of objects found in the wild and abandoned places. Bits of bone, rock and rubbish; the flotsam and jetsam of the past. Reminders of how time moves in one direction, from the beginning to the end. Tokens of histories reworked and pinned to velvet, curios of an avid collector of time.

Annual Show and Sale
Dartmouth Visual Arts Society

Main Gallery

May 29 - June 23, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 29, 5pm-7pm

VANS Mentorship Group Exhibit
Visual Arts Nova Scotia 2019 Mentors and Mentees

Main Gallery

June 26 - July 21, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 26, 5pm-7pm

Departures: The Geary Street Cemetery Interactive Media Tour

Media artist Leola LeBlanc, in collaboration with local youth, created Departures: The Geary Street Cemetery Interactive Media Tour, an interactive on-line map and interactive walking tour of the Geary Street Cemetery that is accessible to youth and the public. The tour and map will be incorporated into curriculum created for Elementary, Junior High and High School students in collaboration with Alderney Landing’s Bluenose Ghosts Festival. (approx. 145 schools will be invited to participate)

The project has created an interactive map and tour filled with creative information relating to the historical significance of the Geary Street Cemetery.

Unfortunately, at this time the platform this tour was created on no longer exists. We are looking into an alternative solution. Thank you for your patience.

For more information on all the exciting Bluenose Ghosts Festival activities click here! Click here to view the Geary St Cemetery coverage on Eastlink TV.

For more information please call
Lee Cripps
Fine Arts Program Director
(902) 461-4698

This project was funded by HRM Residency Initiative and Alderney Landing

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