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Presented by Downtown Dartmouth
Ferry Terminal Park

Tunes @ Noon

August 19th Holder Newts
August 26th Henry Bishop Drum Workshop


August 21 - 24, 2014

Prismatic Festival presents
LANDLINE: Dartmouth to Ottawa

Landline is an SMS performance that collapses distance between two strangers.

City streets, poetic suggestion and text messaging (SMS) are at play, engaging audience members in a game of unlikely rendezvous.

After arriving at home base and registering your mobile number with front of house, you receive a “stand by” via text message. An audio guide prompts you to drift through the city streets and to stop at a series of well-chosen locations linked with your own personal experiences. You conjure a city thousands of miles away and, in that city, your scene partner. You are invited to begin a conversation via text message about themes like memory, absent loved ones and massive change. At the end of the hour-long walk, you return to home base where you find a table set for two. The mental image you’ve made of your scene partner is contrasted by their real-time image on a video screen. Now face-to-face, only you can determine how much you reveal and how far the conversation will go.

By using these wireless devices and headphones, Landline creates a playful, voyeuristic space for audience. When communicating by text message, senders feel anonymous, camouflaged. This makes texting the perfect platform for strangers to reveal personal details about themselves.

Landline is created by Dustin Harvey and Adrienne Wong, and produced by Neworld Theatre and Secret Theatre, in collaboration with Canada’s National Arts Centre.

Volunteer at Alderney Landing

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