Stone Pizza Rocks Alderney Landing Summer Campers World

Allyson and Andrew of Stone Pizza
Stone Pizza is literally a stone’s throw away from Alderney Landing.  When Alderney staff met to discuss how we can involve our village of Downtown Dartmouth to help support arts camps, it was really quite simple. Ask the local businesses to help out.
Well, Allyson of Stone Pizza immediately said “Yes! How can I help?”
New businesses and all businesses have bottom lines and margins to keep. So, we figured it out and get this, every Friday Stone Pizza will be celebrating the end of “camp week” with Pizza.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Enjoy the interview.
Alderney Landing:  When did you first start Stone Pizza?
Stone Pizza:  We opened Stone Pizza in Downtown Dartmouth in July of 2016. We’ll be celebrating our first birthday on the 26th with deals and specials every day that week!
 Alderney Landing:  What was the biggest obstacle at the beginning to start your business? 
Stone Pizza: I think that as a new businesses owner, one of the biggest obstacles is ensuring you have your product just right. We spent a lot of time doing focus groups, tastes test and trials to make sure we had things ready for when we opened.

Alderney Landing: If you were to look back at the beginning of your business and now, what features have changed?

Stone Pizza: Our basic model hasn’t changed much since we’ve opened, aside from some minor adjustments to increase freshness and quality in our product. Early on we added a weekly speciality pizza to our menu so that our customers could always look forward to something unique to choose from one week to the next. 
Alderney Landing:  What do you sell that is different from the beginning?
Stone Pizza: Our core product has remained the same, but we have changed a few of the toppings that we offer since we opened. We have maintained our commitment to offering fresh, locally sourced ingredients where ever possible and that’s something we think is really important. Recently, we partnered with New Scotland Clothing to release our new Stone Pizza T-Shirt. We’re pretty excited about them and think they’re cheeky and fun and play on the charm of Downtown Dartmouth.
Alderney Landing:  Where do you see Stone Pizza in five years from now?
Stone Pizza: We can only hope that over the next 5 years, Stone Pizza will continue to grow and become a favoured stop for pizza in Downtown Dartmouth. I think every restaurant owner would love to see their business continue to move forward, and perhaps even expand. Mostly, we would be thrilled to be in a position to make even greater contributions to our community and give back to the place that we, and our business call home.

 Alderney Landing:  How has social media helped your business?

 Stone Pizza: Social media has been extremely important to the growth of our business. Unlike traditional advertising, it allows us to instantaneously interact with our customers. It allows us to keep folks constantly updated on events, specials and give a “behind the scenes” look at Stone Pizza.

If folks would like to follow us: 

Facebook –> @StonePizzaDartmouth

Instagram –> @stone_pizza

Twitter –> @Stone_PizzaDart
 Alderney Landing:  What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs who wish to do the same kind of business as you?
Stone Pizza: Don’t rush, do your homework and look at things from every angle. Something we found very helpful was interacting with other business owners. By engaging with them, having conversations and asking questions, they would, in turn, ask us question that we might not have even thought about yet. We can’t thank the business owners that help us in the beginning enough for the time the spent with us.
 Alderney Landing:  And finally, what do you like most about  Downtown Dartmouth and Alderney Landing?
Stone Pizza: Being located across the street from one of the focal points of Downtown Dartmouth is awesome! Alderney Landing has so much to offer: The weekend market, theatre, public library and outdoor stage are just some of the awesome features that make it special. When people ask where we’re located, all we have to say is that we’re right across the street from Alderney Landing.

The business community of Downtown Dartmouth is almost exclusively made up of locally owned, independent businesses. What we found so cool about the opening here is that not only do we as a group promote our own businesses and products, but we strive to promote the whole area as a great place to shop, eat and explore. If you haven’t been down lately, do yourself a favour and come see how many awesome places there are to visit on the Darkside 🙂