Doctor Pure and Associates A Portland Street Story

Dr Kiran Pure & Associates

Last month, Dr Kiran Pure & Associates was one of many Downtown Dartmouth businesses who sponsored The Alderney Landing Fine Arts and Theatre Camps. You know the building on Portland Street with the colourful gears on it?  When I met  Dr Kiran Pure at her office for the interview just as I walked in she was heading out to walk her cute little dog.  For the first time in my life, I conducted an interview while walking a dog to Ferry Terminal Park.

ALDERNEY LANDING: What is the significance of the sign SARA?

DR. PURE:  SARA Ladies Boutique was a clothing store run by my mum. She opened in 1982. It was housed on 90 Portland Steet until 2004. In 2004, I renovated the building and opened my clinic. Prior to opening my clinic,  I worked at the boutique all through high school and university in the summers. I worked 12 hours a day. Kind of like what I  do now.

ALDERNEY LANDING:  What is your professional title?

DR. PURE:  Clinical Psychologist

ALDERNEY LANDING: Where did you do your studying?

DR. PURE:  I did my undergrad at Dalhousie and both Masters and PHD at UNB in Fredericton.

ALDERNEY LANDING: You are very educated?

DR. PURE:  Yes, very educated, Thirty-two years.

ALDERNEY LANDING: You are doing amazing things for the kids in downtown Dartmouth.

DR. PURE:  Thank you.

ALDERNEY LANDING: Has 90 Portland Street been the only place you have worked?

DR. PURE:  No, prior to 2004, I had a clinic in Bedford and also worked at the IWK.

ALDERNEY LANDING: I just noticed the logo on your building a few years ago. I never knew you were there before.

DR. PURE:  We put the logos up because we were trying to find something that would represent the brain. A very young woman named Dominique, who was a student at NSCAD. She came up with the idea of those being gears of the brain. She actually got on a ladder and put them on herself and painted them.

ALDERNEY LANDING: How do you feel about being part of Downtown Dartmouth?

DR. PURE:  I get a  lot of positive feedback from people. I have literally been walking these streets since 1984. I also help out the theatre groups. I help out Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I like being part of Downtown Dartmouth a lot. People come from all over. Halifax, New Glasgow, New Brunswick. People aren’t as surprised anymore when they discover my office is on Portland Street. People used to say “Oh! Why isn’t your office in Halifax?” Then I would explain the story of the building is my families building. My dad passed away in 2005. My mum closed it 2004 to care for my dad. They moved into to shop on the second floor to care for him. She would have continued her business if he didn’t pass away. I was actually running my business the day before he died.

ALDERNEY LANDING: Well,  you seem to have adjusted just fine.

DR. PURE:  Ya,  It is a good spot. I love how close it is to everything. The practice is convenient for people who come from Halifax. They just jump on the ferry and walk up the street. I think it helps promote Downtown Dartmouth.

ALDERNEY LANDING: What do you think of Alderney Landing?

DR. PURE:  I love Alderney Landing! Love it! Love it!

ALDERNEY LANDING: What do you like the must of Alderney?

DR. PURE:  I like all of it. But I really like Saturday mornings Farmers’ Market. Saturday’s has a sense of community. The busyness I love. When I have friends visiting,  I love to bring them there because it is like a real big city with so many people and everyone talks to you. So that connection, I like it a lot. I also love having a theatre here as well.

ALDERNEY LANDING:  Thank you very much.

DR. PURE:  Thanks Willy.