Vessel Meats – The Community Butcher – Vendor Profile # Profile 4

Vessel Meats

Alderney Landing:   When did you first start Vessel Meats

Brianna Hagell: Vessel Meats started in December of 2015.

Alderney Landing:  What was the biggest obstacle at the beginning to start your business?

Brianna Hagell:  The most difficult part for me was (and still is) putting myself out there, representing the face of my business in my community. Getting up at 3 am twice a week isn’t easy either

Alderney Landing:  If you were to look back at the beginning of your business and now, what features have changed?

Brianna Hagell:   I’m constantly trying to improve avenues to help people learn about the local meat system here in NS. I can see now there is a huge demand and interest in learning about the processes and the farming aspects of meat in this province, which I didn’t really predict.

Alderney Landing:  What do you sell that is different from the beginning?

Brianna Hagell:  Sausages! I had no idea how much people loved sausages.

Alderney Landing:  Where do you see Vessel Meats in five years from now?

Brianna Hagell:  We will continue to grow as long as the community continues to supper it (thank you)

Alderney Landing:  How has social media helped your business?

Brianna Hagell:  I’m still learning about social media but it certainly had helped spread the word and helped legitimise what I’m doing. I basically thrive on the energy from the market. I’m still a very small 5 hour a week business.

Alderney Landing:  What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs who wish to do the same kind of business as you?

Brianna Hagell:  Be prepared to work all the time with little to no reward. – “If it was easy everyone one would do it” – My dad

Alderney Landing:  What Suggestions do you have for Alderney Landing to improve?

Brianna Hagell:  Alderney could better communicate with its vendors. Engage them and involve them in decision-making processes. We all want the market to work and a successful market helps all of our businesses.


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