Hardy Wares Preserves Alderney Landing – Vendor Profile #3

Larry & Margaret Hardy of Hardywares Preserves

 Alderney Landing: At what age did you first become an entrepreneur?
Larry & Margaret Hardy: 50 plus (For Larry, I’m still 39)

 Alderney Landing: What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?
Larry & Margaret Hardy: The Freedom!

Alderney Landing:  What mistakes or adjustments have you made to your business since you started at Alderney Landing?
Larry & Margaret Hardy: We started our business with just 8 flavours and we have grown to over 50. This is where we test our products as our loyal customers give us feedback both positive and constructive, we know if something is going to work out well if we first try it here.  

Alderney Landing:  What do you like most about Alderney Landing?
Larry & Margaret Hardy: There isn’t enough room to write all the great things about Alderney Landing! The top 3 are; The Customers, The Fellow Vendors and the Management Team!! Other than that, the next thing that needs to be mentioned is the RENT, Alderney Landing has grown substantially since we first started attending 6 years ago, however, the rent has only increased marginally, which is awesome for those of us who value price and travel a distance to attend.  

Alderney Landing:  Any ideas on making Alderney even better? (Optional)
Larry & Margaret Hardy: The only issue would be sometimes the parking can be difficult, especially when there is another event or people park to go to Halifax.  It can be frustrating, but this is not within your control.