String of Mocean Dancers Canvas Sable Island

Mocean Dancers on Sable Island.

As soon as the lights came up on stage at Alderney Landing Theatre Mocean Dance Company mesmerized the audience.

My experience in dance is minimal but I have been lucky to see famed dancers Margie Gillis, La La La Human Steps and Stomp. I am very happy to add Mocean Dance Company to that prestigious list of highly exceptional dance companies.

The first half of Double Bill  was Canvas 5×5. The incredibly fit dancers touched on all emotions but what stood out the most for me was their sense of play. At times, they were kids jumping from rock to rock in a summertime stream then floating magically from left to right and up and down stage a la traditional Japanese NOH actors in their floor length kimono canvases.

Canvas 5×5 sparked me to take risks with my creativity because of their  skill, concentration and playfulness.

The piece that made me say “This is amazing! Really amazing!” was when the dancers were challenging each other to a “Count off / Dance off.  It brought us, the audience, in as part of their game. And we the audience  will be part of Mocean Dance for ever.

The physicality of the dancers in Sable Island reminded me of highly trained professional athletes. To start off, their calves intrigued me the most. They were very  similar to basketball players who have great hops yet strong like figure skaters or hockey players. This brings me back to Margie Gillis, who at 63 is still amazing audiences. Her physicality and strength amazed me years ago and last night  Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin, Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker and Gillian Seward -Boone reminded me of Margie.

Lee Cripps – Fine Arts Program & The Craig Gallery Coordinator stated:

“Canvas 5×5  & Sable Island  was the most powerful dance performance I have ever seen. There was a powerful confrontation shared between audience and the dancers.”

The music by Bertrand Chènier was haunting and daunting and the bagpiper magically made it truly Nova Scotian. Félicitations Choreographers  Serge Bennathan and Ted Robinson – plus all the crew who pieced this masterpiece together.