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About Alderney Landing

Alderney Landing is a not for profit organization located in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Alderney Landing's Mission Statement

Alderney Landing promotes community and cultural programming and is recognized as a unique destination and venue for business, arts and entertainment in Nova Scotia. Alderney Landing exists to enhance the cultural life of the region.

Alderney Landing's Guiding Principles

  • That Alderney Landing be incorporated and run as a non profit society with an independent Board of Directors who represent a balance of the community's interests from business, government, cultural, educational, and recreational sectors.
  • That Alderney Landing exists to enhance the recreational and cultural life of the region.
    That Alderney Landing be operated on the principle of accessibility and affordability to the community.
  • While commercial activity is an integral part in some sectors of the operations of Alderney Landing, it is not the reason d'etre for its existence.
  • That the commercial activity within the project is not intended to compete with but instead to complement the local business community.
  • That Alderney Landing maintain a strong identification with downtown Dartmouth and be seen as a flagship for its rejuvenation.


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